Why Men Give Up Their Identity in a Relationship

Over the past 30 years of working as a psychologist with men doing individual and group therapy, I have often seen men struggling to maintain either the romance or friendship or both. Read More  

Why Men Are Resistant to Therapy

Working with men as a psychologist, I discovered that there is a big resistance for so many of them to talk personally about their struggles within their intimate  relationships and I have been investigating and exploring this subject for years....Read More 

Strained-Father Son Relationships

Working with men in therapy, I discovered that the issues that so often come up about careers or relationships could often be traced back, sooner or later, to the lack of relationship with their fathers....Read More 

The Autistic Child and Social Isolation

What do we mean by social isolation in children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum? There seems to be a valid concern, not only about the lack of social opportunities for children on the Autism Spectrum to develop friendships with peers, but.....Read More


Speaking on My Approach to Working with Couples and Individuals 

Speaking on Men's Issues and Relationships