My treatment approach incorporates a psychodynamic framework integrated with Voice Therapy & Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) to address and deal with habituated ways of relating to and thinking about one’s problems and relationship difficulties. A collaborative therapeutic process is created to understand where an individual is, how they got there, and how they can develop themselves to get where they want to go.

Therapy sessions typically begins with conversation that allow an opportunity to build rapport and trust with the individual or couple so that we can feel more comfortable talking together. I am curious to find out what specifically the person or couple came to therapy for? What are they looking to deal with or change in themselves or their relationship? We then discuss the various concerns or painful circumstances that brought them to therapy to formulate individual/couple’s goals to begin addressing their issues.

Once the therapy is underway, the overall process sets out to understand the origin of the presenting problem as well as the individual’s or couples habitual ways of thinking and feeling about their problems and patterns, and the strategies they have used to deal with them. This provides an understanding of how they have come to be where they are, an assessment of what has and has not worked. We can then develop fresh strategies to undo the ‘negative habit pattern’ and motivate the person/couple to develop a more skillful means of relating to themselves and communicating with loved ones. The therapy begins to help the individual/couple develop the emotional courage and ‘know how’ for resolving difficulties and conflicts with more emotional resilience and intelligence.
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