Treatment Approach

I use Psychodynamic Therapy & Emotion Focused Therapy to address and deal with the habituated ways of relating to, and thinking about one's problems and relationship difficulties. A therapeutic process is created to understand where an individual is, how they got there, and how they can develop themselves to get where they want to go.


  • Psychodynamic
  • Voice Therapy
  • Couples/Family
  • Feeling Release
  • Emotionally Focused


My Approach

My approach begins with conversation that can build rapport and trust with the individual or couple so that we can feel more comfortable talking together. I am curious to find out what specifically the person or couple came to therapy for? What are they looking to deal with or change in themselves or their relationship? We discuss the various concerns or painful circumstances that brought them to therapy to formulate some individual/couple's goals to begin addressing their issues.


My therapeutic approach involves a psychodynamic approach, that sets out to understand the problem and its origins. I am particularly interested in accessing the individual's/couples habitual ways of thinking and feeling about their problems and patterns, and the strategies they have used to deal with them. This provides an understanding of how they have come to be where they are, an assessment of what has and has not worked. We can then develop fresh strategies to undo the 'negative habit pattern' and motivate the person/couple to develop a more skillful means of relating to themselves and communicating with loved ones. The therapy begins to help the individual/couple develop the emotional courage and 'know how' for resolving difficulties and conflicts with more emotional resilience and intelligence.

My History

I have worked for 25+ years in private practice with individuals and couples. My areas of specialty have been couples therapy, and men’s psychological issues.

Being in a couple’s relationship is such a valuable experience and yet it requires a high level of skill to navigate effectively, as its very challenging to combine friendship and sexuality between a man and a woman (or any two loving adults), as keeping things emotionally close and adventurous and pleasurable is quite a feat. The focus in couple’s therapy is helping the individuals identify their own problems and contribution to the negative relationship patterns and once understood; developing the skills necessary to re-establish trust & intimacy. 

Men's Psychology has always interested me, probably not only because I am a man, but since my mid 20's have been interested in how men ‘ticked’, what other men struggled with and how they have worked things out. For instance understanding how they were treated as children in their families (and how that impacted them); their particular cultural conditioning; sorting out what’s emotional hurt versus anger and expressing it cleanly (vulnerably); struggling to maintain long-term intimacy and aliveness with the woman/lover in their life; and their ability to focus on developing meaningful work paths. I have really enjoyed guiding men in this process--developing the skills and emotional courage to face and resolve their relationship and work difficulties.

I use Psychodynamic Therapy & Emotion Focused Therapy to get through the habituated ways of relating to and thinking about one's problems and relationship difficulties. The therapeutic process offers us a new way forward with a shared psychological perspective and language so as to understand 'where an individual/couple is, how they got there, and how they can develop themselves so as to get where they want to go.'